Monday, March 19, 2007

2" Metal Blinds: The perfect treatment for 50s style windows

When I went to order window treatments for my kitchen, Colleen from my local hardware store took one look and recommended 2" aluminum blinds. "It's what we rip out of every other 50s home," she reassured.

We chose from the Hunter Douglas "Macro" line. The blinds are PERFECT. And I even see that Hunter Douglas has come out with a new color palette with circa 50s colors. I chose a soft neutral metallic, as my window is quite large and I didn't want the shade to overpower the room.

Other tips: I ordered "traditional" slat styling - that is, I wanted the holes in the middle of the blind to show. The alternative is "blackout" style, but that, I believe, is a too-new innovation. Also, I chose the "wand" rather than the cord to adjust the slats horizontally. Finally, you get a self-colored valance free as part of the order. Go for it. However, I am going to add a fabric valance, and will post on that later.

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