Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great story on 50s style retro wallpaper

My new friend sent me this great story (url link below) on 50s wallpaper. The weblinks (in right hand column of page) to Melinamade ("Boomerang mushroom, left) and Interior1900 (right) are great -- for an arm and a leg you can get great vintage papers. Alternatively: try eBay or where I found all my stashes of paper -- in the basement of my local art supply/wallpaper store, a place that had been in business forever. Put your vibes out into the decorating universe: And what you seek will come to you!
And - be sure to see my previous posts on some Sanderson papers I thought would fit a true 50s house nicely. They're of the "small florals" referenced in the OHJ story: