Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SOLD! 1963 Geneva Steel Kitchen Cabinets, in Aquamarine

September 2007 -- I'm updating this post to reflect the fact that I sold my extra cabinets this summer. I sold them on eBay to L.P. of Milwaukee. He drove here -- 960 miles -- pick up the cabinets! Selling price was $2,500. While I'm glad they went to a nice home, I do have some regrets about even selling them, they are so beautiful!

Own a piece of history that will never go out of style, once installed in your vintage kitchen! Up for sale are 18 (total) vintage steel kitchen cabinets left over from a larger batch that I installed in my kitchen.

You can see how these looked cleaned up in my Sept. 16 post, below. They are in great shape -- it is really quite amazing. They came from a cooking school run by nuns for only 8 years so they have very little wear and tear and were kept in immaculate condition during their use. From about 1971 til now, they were not used at all. They clean up beautifully with auto body compound and turtle wax - their coating of NYC grime seems to have protected the original finish!

The cabinets are classic Geneva's -- one of the nation's great brands -- circa 1963. They are in a great Aquamarine color -- which goes perfectly with Formica's re-issue last year of their aqua boomerang laminate. (See my post on vintage stainless steel edging, too.)

Included are original chrome handles. The base cabinets all have great roll-out aluminum middle shelves. Available immediately are:

10 base cabinets. These are each 24.5" deep and 34.5" high:
- 36" wide: 3@
- 30" wide: 3@
- 24" wide: 1@
- 18" wide: 2@
- 12" wide: 1@
- Corner transition pieces: 3@

Sink bases are available in either 42" or 24" widths. Assume one of each comes with this sale. Use one for your main sink, one for a bar sink. I also have the original double sinks, porcelain, Kohler, nice. You may take one as well with this sale.

Note: These base cabinets and sink bases offer 26.5 linear feet of base cabinetry. To this, add: stove, fridge and dishwasher and you will see this enables a good-sized kitchen.

6 wall cabinets:
- 36": 4@. These are 13" deep and 30" tall.
- 42": 2@. These are 13" deep and 18" tall - meant to fit above the 42" sink base or above a 40" stove. They can easily be adapted to include a cookbook shelf if you want to use them to line up with the 30" tall wall cabinets. Total linear feet of wall cabinetry: 19.

I am located in Lenox, Mass., about 45 minutes west of Albany, N.Y. You pick up, or I have a friend who can deliver for you, let me know and I'll get you a price.

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