Sunday, February 26, 2006

Where to get porcelain kitchen sink+drainboard combination?

Does anyone know of a company that's reproducing the cast-iron, porcelain-enameled sinks with drainboards as featured on top of this metal sink base? They were very popular in the '50s and while you can get them today in metal, I cannot find a source in porcelain.

They can be picked up salvaged -- such as this one at But it seems like they could also be easily reproduced. Let me know if you have a source and I will feature it on the blog.

Kitchen sinks: Great 50s style choices

It's Mac to the rescue again with some nice choices of cast iron porcelain-enameled sinks for the kitchen. The first two sinks pictured are both from Mac the Antique Plumber,, and the site says the same same supplier has been making them for 70 years. I believe them. I salvaged four (yes, four) similar sinks circa 1963 recently, and will install one in my upcoming kitchen reno.

The stainless countertop sinks are both from Elkay. I recently saw the first one in an ad from the 50s - it appears to be virtually unchanged from then.

Blogger not letting me post my final pic, so I will have to do a separate post of the sink I REALLY want to see reproduced: A cast iron porcelain-enamal sink/counter combo like the stainless version from Elkay above. IS ANYONE MAKING THESE?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Stainless steel edging for laminate countertops

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This is another alternative for countertop edging -- although I prefer the edging from Dave Sanders (see my other post on stainless steel edging for countertops).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cabinet pulls and knobs: Atomic, streamline and deco

My favorite pulls and knobs:

- Photos with green background: All from Rejuvenation Lighting,

- Gold pull: From Mac the Antique Plumber -- but go for the chrome instead!

- Atomic triangle, Dominoes and Mah Jhong tiles -- from Bauerware,

- And note, there is a classic 50s/deco pull available from Crown City Hardware, costs nearly $20 but it looks beautiful. It's not online but you can order the catalog at

Tile 50s style for your kitchen or bath: Go Canadian

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It was very difficult to find tile in the correct 50s shades. My best source: A Canadian-based company, Olympia Tile, had a selection of 4.25 x 4.25 "Maple Leaf" tiles in appropriate shades. Good news, their distribution network in the U.S. is growing. Go to to see where you can buy this tile. No photos online - watch this site and I'll post my bathroom pics at some point.

Colors I used in my bathrooms: Heron Blue and Fawn Beige. I used the 4x4s for field tile and for edging, trimmed them with a basic United Ceramic white 2x6 from Home Depot. I used Olympia's matching 2x6 cove base to meet the walls with the floor. Note, we installed the cove pieces flush with the floor tile (rather than 'sitting on top of it' -- but struggled because the room was not perfectly square (by a long shot.) This is a trade-off decision.

Other colors I like in the Olympia line: Primrose (yellow), Teal Blue and Lake Blue, Salmon (would be great with black or grey trim) Terra Cotta, Bone and four shades of Grey - Thunder, Platinum, Silver and Tender (my favorite.)

This tile was all very inexpensive. Note, I bet you can go much higher-end -- to a Waterworks or Ann Sachs -- and probably get a better selection of colors. However, this will be at a much much higher price.

Finally: For my floors, I used American Olean Chloe, a "pinwheel" pattern evocative of the 50s, with the gloss black dots in one room, and with plain satin white in the other two. To be honest, I prefer the all-white. Use warm grey sanded grout -- it's a nice look. You must seal the grout, though - an arduous (but worthwhile) task.