Monday, October 01, 2007

Out with the new, in with the old - Rejuvenation Lighting puts retro in new lights

I've had great luck with finding vintage lighting on eBay. I think the prices are the best, and it's great to have true vintage lighting.

But I also love some of the lighting available from Rejuvenation Lighting, a Portland, Oregon-based company that creates reproductions from vintage stock. I've purchased some of their sconces for my bathrooms, and they were great.

As the years go on, they continue adding to their Modern America collection. The pieces featured here are particular favorites of mine.

50s style NuTone Ceiling/Wall Fan solves your exhaust issues

Yes, vintage-style ceiling/wall exhaust fans are still available. We installed this model above our kitchen stove, in exactly the same spot we tore out an old, plastic one. The finish is a brushed stainless-style -- and it looks fantastic!
There are enough CFM's (exhaust of air) to meet current code in our state - so we didn't need a range hood, which would have looked out of sorts. Also - this exhaust fan was much less expensive than a range hood! Great find!
Also - I've seen these installed in the wall, where they can also look great. And, they can be installed in bathrooms, but not above the tub/shower, the instructions say.