Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not much time left - great barkcloth drapes on eBay now

Sold for $156.49.
Last eBay listing for the weekend! I'll only list draperies if there are several pairs in one lot. That's because I've found that you need quite a few to piece together to fit your actual windows. Even at the starting price of $99 these seem like a good deal - for 10 total panels. The colors are terrific and if the barkcloth as listed is actually quite heavy, they are a great find!

Here's the eBay link, auction ends on Sunday!:

Vintage bathroom fixtures - save tons, get the real thing -- on eBay now

These seem to be a great find at $299 - especially if you're nearby and go pick them up. I ADORE the color! The sinks look best on chrome legs - ask about that. If you're installing these in a retro reno - take a look at the vintage-colored tile from Olympia tile. This might look good with the Heron blue - or even speckled black-and-white! Yes - you can still get it!

Sweet 50s lighting fixture - chandelier - on eBay now

I'm going to start posting more great items from eBay - hopefully I can figure out whether I can put them in a separate section. This is a great little light that would look terrific in a small house foyer, bathroom or girl's bedroom. Lighting can make a huge difference - like jewelry on a little black dress. Go for it!

Here's the link to the eBay listing:

Awesome reproduction barkcloth for upholstery and draperies

I bought one yard of's "celestial aqua" barkcloth to make the valance in my kitchen -- and the fabric was just awesome. It is really nice and heavy-weight...great "hand", or feel...and the colors are rich and beautiful.

In the photos you get to see Melina herself. If you read the "about" section on her website, you can see that she got into the business out of passion -- which we totally identify with!! The site also notes that she was able to identify one of the few remaining companies the still weave barkcloth in the 40s-60s way, so this is the real deal.

Here is the link to the fabric section of her website:

I think that the "about" section is really great, too:

And, you can read in my February post of about her wallpaper, too: