Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wall-mount sinks are the perfect solution for small, mid-century bathrooms

Yesterday, I wrote about a new source for chrome legs to go with wall-mount, aka wall-hung sinks. Now that we have that problem solved (thank you, Franklin Brass), I offer several wall-mount sink models to go with the legs.

Another very good alternative is to buy a vintage sink at a salvage shop or tag sale, of course. But if you want to put together a retro bathroom using new fixtures, you can certainly do it, with great results. In addition, these sinks are very affordable.
Remember: You also are going to use Olympia Tile behind them. And see all my postings on retro-styled faucets. Note, some of these sinks are also available with 4"- and 8"-three hole setups.
The last sink photo posted -- the one with legs -- is actually from Waterworks. This is more than $1500!!!!! So easy to replicate this look using more down-to-earth priced materials featured.

I've featured my very favorite models from Crane in the photos. The first photo/sink featured is particularly terrific. There are additional models available online:

Finally - check your local Home Depot. Last time I was there, they also had wall-mount sinks reach to cash and carry.

Saturday eBay pick of the day #1: GE makeup mirror - mint in box

Hey, the holidays are just two months away. This is a simply a FABULOUS find for the vintage diva in your life -- sure to make her very, very happy!

eBay url:

Saturday eBay pick of the day #2: Club/tub chairs

I have a pair of chairs similar in style to these in my house. They are great. They have the right scale for the space, they're comfy, and they can be situated in a variety of locations. I love the upholstery including the fringe, and the great Danish legs, on this Buy It Now @ $315 pair. A good pick especially if you're in the St. Louis area, and can go pick up the chairs, saving on shipping.

Saturday eBay pick of the day #3: Starburst clock

Every 50s or 60s home needs a starburst clock! While the "24-spoke models" (12 wood starbursts, 12 metal starbursts) are the most desirable among collectors, this more toned-down model has a really nice look -- and I like the idea that it's like new.