Thursday, October 18, 2007

Luxury Waterworks sink, wall-mount with chrome legs and towel bars

Finishing up my recent series on bathroom sinks matched with chrome legs, I wanted to spotlight this Waterworks model. No doubt, it is GORGEOUS. But, the chrome legs with integrated towel bars do run $1,475... while the sink is $315. If you've got the cash and the desire, this certainly would be the centerpiece of your retro reno bathroom. But, if you just want the look and the basic functionality, see my other, recent bathroom posts on wall-mount sinks from Crane that can be matched with $30 chrome legs from Franklin Brass. Another thought: Think about it, the original fixtures used in our retro homes were NOT luxury. They were stylish...and functional...but, accessible to the growing population. In that spirit, I really prefer to seek out affordable products to complete a retro renovation.

So in that spirit: Try salvage shops...or even place an ad in your local paper. I advertised in the items wanted section a couple of years ago, and immediately turned up a wall-mount sink with fabulous chrome legs with towel bars, and nabbed the set for $65. It had be sitting in someone's basement for 20 years. It was in perfect shape, and looks awesome in my tiny but functional - and beautiful - master bathroom.

Waterworks website, certainly worth salivating over:

Vintage Borg bathroom scale -- Thursday eBay pick of the day

I am absolutely opposed to weighing yourself - ever! But, I am an absolute advocate of finding a vintage bathroom scale to accessorize your retro reno bathroom! This olive-colored vintage Borg scale is promoted as being in mint be sure, the olive colors and design are great -- very late 60s, early 70s. Match this to the Olive colored towels (available from Lands End, watch for future post)...maybe even your wallpaper has a touch of olive?
BTW, don't settle for anything less than "mint" with these scales -- they can be had!