Sunday, October 07, 2007

eBay pick of the day #3: Cheap and cheerful kitchen ceiling fixture!

This would look great over the sink, in the mudroom or laundry room, or in the center of the room if you have low ceilings and and don't want a hanging fixture over the kitchen table.

I like the sound of the brushed gold tone finish. And, it looks like it takes two light bulbs, which is good for functional lighting. A great little find that could look just right in a number of places in your retro reno!

eBay pick of the day #2: Great vintage lights

Lighting is the theme this Sunday, not that I planned it that way! See this eBay lister for terrific vintage lights. I might just buy the bathroom sconces for my husband for a surprise birthday present.

Before you bid - check the completed listings. These lights are the real deal, and the sellers don't give them away for a song.

eBay pick of the day #1: Awesome retro medicine cabinet - mint in box!

This is just an incredible find! A 50s cabinet, mint in box, never been used, found in grandpa's attic.
Snap it up.

Faucet for your retro reno kitchen sink

I did a ton of online searching to find the faucet that would be just right for my vintage Kohler sink. I had a one-hole installation, and wanted a single handle faucet as I think it's a lot easier to control the hot/cold mix better. One problem that I found with most other faucets was that the spout was too short - like only 8". This one -- from Chicago Faucets -- is 10" long. And, I'll tell you -- it's a wonderful faucet. It's not inexpensive, in the $300 range -- but it has a tremendous "feel" -- it's nice and heavy and substantial. And considering that you use your kitchen faucet gazillions of times each day, I've always felt it was well, well worth it! Highly recommended!

Here's a link to buy one, you might find better deals elsewhere on the web: