Sunday, October 07, 2007

Faucet for your retro reno kitchen sink

I did a ton of online searching to find the faucet that would be just right for my vintage Kohler sink. I had a one-hole installation, and wanted a single handle faucet as I think it's a lot easier to control the hot/cold mix better. One problem that I found with most other faucets was that the spout was too short - like only 8". This one -- from Chicago Faucets -- is 10" long. And, I'll tell you -- it's a wonderful faucet. It's not inexpensive, in the $300 range -- but it has a tremendous "feel" -- it's nice and heavy and substantial. And considering that you use your kitchen faucet gazillions of times each day, I've always felt it was well, well worth it! Highly recommended!

Here's a link to buy one, you might find better deals elsewhere on the web:

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