Saturday, October 20, 2007

50s and 60s style Thibaut wallpaper -- Weekend eBay pick of the day #2

My favorite wallpaper company of all time is Thibaut. They make beautiful wallpapers at a reasonable cost - not cheap, but a very good value for the quality they deliver.
I love their sense of style. In many cases it is quite timeless. Case in point: These 2 eBay wallpapers -- which I think would fit beautifully into a mid century retro renovation style home. As you can tell, I love the oriental theming. I did this in my foyer (with vintage paper) and it's awesome.
Importantly, you can also get these through wallpaper stores. Watch for a future posting on more Thibaut papers, I am going to do more research as I think this is a hot topic for many people.

Both papers are from the same seller, click here for one of them (my favorite) and then go to Sellers Other Items for more possibilities:

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