Friday, October 19, 2007

Vintage Copper tone Wagon Wheel Chandelier -- Friday eBay pick of the day

I’ve always wanted one of these vintage Wagon Wheel lights, they are so cool. In fact, I may have to build a screen porch $$$ just to make a place. Remember – that the term “ranch home” came out of the west, from homes built on ranches. So this kind of western motif can be totally appropriate in a vintage 50s or 60s home, and is guaranteed to bring a big smile to anyone’s face! A retro light like this can go in a kitchen, a rumpus/family room – really anywhere that you’ve got the ceiling height. I like this one because it has 4 globes, so will provide functional illumination. And, you know that I like coppertone, it always warms up a room.

This listing is for the first photo shown, For purposes of illustration, I’ve shown a separate light on eBay (smaller, second photo), assembled and hanging, so you can see how this looks hanging. Note the 2 have slightly different detailing.

Link to eBay listing:

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