Monday, September 24, 2007

Stainless steel edging for your laminate countertop

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My husband hunted down the only place we could find -- in Astoria, Queens -- that still made the exact stainless steel edging that we wanted. We installed this very easily and successfully on our new countertops. We purchased 1.5" U-style eding for the counter edge, a little piece that married the counter to the backsplash, and finally, 3/4" ss for the top of the backsplash. This is EXACTLY what we saw used on the 1963 countertops that we threw out, and the guy from Dave Sanders agreed - they've been making it since the 1950s!
The photo used is from someone else's kitchen that I saw on ebay. The edging is the same... Also see the final product in my kitchen post of 9/16/07.
Here is the url for the company. However, please note, the edging is NOT featured in the catalog, you have to call for information:
To anyone near western Massachusetts - I have a lot left of this stuff, as we had to order in commercial quantities. If you're interested in buying the leftovers directly from me, post a comment and I'll be happy to sell it to you at cost.


Anonymous said...

what is the company where you bought the trim? I can't find a Dave Sanders in a web search Anny help with this Thanks

50s Pam said...

This is the link - it's also in the post above. Sorry - I will try to make the links clearer in the future. You will not find the edging in the catalog. You have to call. Email me if you have any more questions. Again - the stuff was great - we bought three different kinds to complete the assembly just like it was done in the 50s. It's real stainless steel, also, so it's really got a nice feel.

Alexei M said...

Hi there -- I've been searching for stainless edging, too. Do you have a close up photo of your counter? Can you send it to amylesser at yahoo ? If we like the look of it, I'd be interested in purchasing your leftover material. Thanks!