Sunday, February 26, 2006

Kitchen sinks: Great 50s style choices

It's Mac to the rescue again with some nice choices of cast iron porcelain-enameled sinks for the kitchen. The first two sinks pictured are both from Mac the Antique Plumber,, and the site says the same same supplier has been making them for 70 years. I believe them. I salvaged four (yes, four) similar sinks circa 1963 recently, and will install one in my upcoming kitchen reno.

The stainless countertop sinks are both from Elkay. I recently saw the first one in an ad from the 50s - it appears to be virtually unchanged from then.

Blogger not letting me post my final pic, so I will have to do a separate post of the sink I REALLY want to see reproduced: A cast iron porcelain-enamal sink/counter combo like the stainless version from Elkay above. IS ANYONE MAKING THESE?